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Wishes Do Come True

Author: Angela
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the Buffy characters.

"She's your what?!"

"My sister."

Tara's your sister?"

"Yes, she's my sister." She giggled a little, but abruptly stopped.

"Wait...I never told you her real name. How'd you know?"

Willow smiled. "She...She told me. During the parade."

"Aww...That's just like Tara. She's so romantic...It makes me sick."

"You're quite the cynical one, huh?"

Rachel shrugged. "The only bad gene I was given. The others are great: Blue eyes, nice hair, big boobs. It helps with the guys. And in my sister's case, it helps with the girls."

"Guess that's a good thing for me." Willow smiled to herself and kicked her feet into the air.

Rachel turned to face Willow. "See, I wouldn't mind my sister dating you. You're funny and charming, and cute as hell. You'd be perfect for her. And obviously she finds you attractive because she's been planning that whole "waving and mouthing her name" thing for months."

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, before Tara left home to come here, I stayed at her house for a few days to help her pack. She was sort of nervous about leaving, but she was really excited about her job. We got into a discussion about her love life.or lack thereof.and she told me that her all-time fantasy was to look out into the crowd during a parade, find the most beautiful girl, and mouth her name to her. And if all went well, that girl would end up finding her. And Willow, my friend, it looks like you are well on your way."

Willow blushed. "So.I kinda fulfilled her all-time fantasy?"

Rachel laughed. "I believe you have, Willow."

Willow smiled to herself. As she did, Rachel's phone rang. She almost instantly recognized the song.

"Hey! I know that song. My ex-boyfriend plays lead guitar in the band."

Rachel was shocked. "Your ex plays in Dingoes Ate My Baby?!"

"Yes, he does."

"Holy shit! You're Oz's Willow, aren't you?!"

"I wouldn't necessarily refer to myself as belonging to him, but in a sense, yes, I am. How do you know him?"

Rachel smiled brightly. "I only see him almost every weekend. He's a great guy, and he used to talk about you all the time."


"Yep. The lead singer, Devon, is my cousin. The band comes around every weekend to play at one of the clubs nearby."

"Nearby here?"

"No. I'm actually from the Memphis area. They play at one of the clubs up there."

"Oh." Willow paused for a moment. "Aren't you going to answer your phone?"

"It's just Tara. I'll call her back."

Willow's heart sped up at the sound of Tara's name.

"I think you should call her back now."

Rachel chuckled at Willow's subtle attempt to get her to call her sister back.

"Face it, Willow. You've got it bad."

Willow put her head in her hands.

"I know...I know."

Rachel picked up her cell phone and saw that she had a message. She pushed the button that connected to her voice mailbox. She looked up to Willow and mouthed, "It's Tara. She left me a voice message."

Hey, kid sister. It's me. I was calling to see if you wanted to have dinner with me tonight at Planet Hollywood. I saw you at the parade. And I saw you were wearing that shirt. I have to admit, Alyson Hannigan made that movie worth watching. I saw someone else, too. I have to tell you about it tonight. Call me back when you get this. I love you and hopefully I'll see you tonight. Bye!

"I'm gonna call her back. Are you gonna be okay with that?"

Willow rolled her eyes at Rachel.

"Yes, I'll be fine. Now call her back because I want to hear what she sounds like. If her voice is anything like her face, I'm in a world of trouble."

"Then you'd better get ready for a lot of trouble, woman."

Rachel dialed then number, and the phone rang four times before a soft low voice emanated from the telephone.


"Hey, you sexy beast!"

"Rachel! How's it going?"

"It's great. What about you?"

"I just got off work. It took me an hour and a half to remove that dress and that make-up from my body."

"Lucky for you, you don't have to wear as much make-up as The Queen."

Tara laughed. "Leave her alone. Cordelia's a really nice person underneath the make-up."

"I'm sure she is, Tare..."

"Anyways, how about dinner tonight at Planet Hollywood?"

"Sounds great. What time?"

"How about 8 o' clock?"

"Cool beans. Hey Tara?"

"What is it?"

"Would you hate me forever if I brought a friend along with me. She's really nice, and she wants to meet you."

"Sure, I don't mind."

"Okay, thanks big sister, you're the best ever."

"Go on, go on..."

Rachel laughed. "Don't let your head get too big. All those little kids love you, but I'm a lot harder to convince."

Tara said in her best Ben Stein impression. "I shall do my best."

Both girls laughed.

"You really need to lay off the Game Show Network, chick."

"I should, but I'm not."

"Okay then. Well, I will see you tonight and I will be bringing my special guest along with."

"Sure thing, Rach. What's her name by the way?"

"Her name is Willow."

"Cute name."

Rachel giggled. "You have no idea. So we'll see you tonight then around 8?"

"Yes, you will. Bye, Rachel."

"Bye, Tare."

As Rachel hung up the phone, she was tackled by an overly ecstatic Willow.

"You're very welcome. I'd like my sister to date someone I approve of...Someone who doesn't have black hair or leather."

Willow laughed. "Well, there was that time I was all evil and leather-y wearing. It was-"

Willow saw the look on Rachel's face and changed the direction of her story.

"-the worst ever. Eww...Leather is bad. Never again. Nope...never."

"Yes, and I'm going to pretend that those words never escaped your lips."

"Yes, ma'am."

Rachel nodded. "Good then. Well, it's already 5 o'clock, so you want to meet me at the place?"

"Where are you staying?"

"I'm staying at the Disney All-Star Resort."

Willow grinned. "So are we!"

"Great! You want to meet at the bus shuttle to Downtown Disney?"

"That sounds good."

"Alrighty then. We'll meet at 7:30 then?"


"See you then...then."

Willow nodded and went off in the direction of the monorail systems. As she boarded the monorail, she began thinking about her future meeting with Tara.

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